IDentity THEFT 911

Here to Serve & Protect
Are you a victim of IDentity theft?

Get assistance NOW with Identity 911. IDentity Theft 911 is a courtesy service offered to all members of Team & Wheel Federal Credit Union (TWFCU) to help recover their identity after being stolen and for those who want to protect confidential information. If your Identity is ever stolen, call the credit union 1-800-990-8326 and we will immediately connect you with a fraud specialist who will do the hard work of restoring your identity as well as help to replace missing or destroyed documents. These highly trained specialist will also help you take proactive measures to stop criminals in their tracks.
²One-on-one  assistance with a fraud specialist.

²Guidance through the ID resolution process.

²No forms to file.

²24/7 access to highly trained fraud specialist after contacting the
    credit union.

²Absolutely FREE to all members of TWFCU!


"We're pleased to provide [our members and their families] with this valuable new benefit.  Now you have access to dedicated fraud specialist assistance."

Juanita Brewer
Manager, Team & Wheel Federal Credit Union



Safeguarding Tips
ID thieves can retrieve your personal information by skimming credit cards, stealing your mail, and even rummaging through your garbage. 
Take proactive measures to make sure you are never a victim of ID theft by safeguarding all  personal information.
Don’t carry your social security card around in your purse or wallet.
Keep all important documents such as tax forms and bank statements stored in a safe place.
Shred  all documents with your personal information on them that you no longer have need of .